Animal Welfare Experience

Animal Welfare Experience

Where: Moulton College, Northampton, England
Dates: 02/07/17 – 20/08/17*
Ages: 7 to 17 years old

The perfect programme for all animal lovers, exclusively created and designed so that students who love animals can gain a wider knowledge about animal care. As well as lectures on animal care, students will also volunteer in the animal welfare centre where they will gain experience in caring for a wide variety of animals including lizards, giant turtles, lamas, meerkats and parrots.

All of that, of course, combined and packaged with English lessons. The learning and accommodation facilities are based in superb, modern campus situated in the traditional and picturesque village of Moulton. Ideal for students wishing to be in a traditional English location with superb sports facilities but still near to London City.

The campus

Moulton College, Northampton, England
Accommodation: On campus ensuite single rooms. Limited twin rooms available
Facilities: Modern classrooms, social, IT and fantastic sports facilities.

Other programmes available at this centre:

Sample Timetable

Day Morning 09:00- 12:30** Afternoon 14:00- 17:30** Evening
Monday Testing and induction Introduction to animal welfare Scavenger Hunt
Tuesday Lessons Volunteering with reptiles Construction challenge
Wednesday Lessons Half day excursion to Harry Potter Experience OSCARS Disco
Thursday Lessons Volunteer work with Lamas OSCARS Quiz challenge
Friday Lessons Visit Aquatic centre Sports night
Saturday Full Day excursion to London Film night
Sunday Full day excursion to Windsor Castle (optional activity)*** Swim/ultimate frisbee
Monday Lesson on animal welfare Lessons Murder mystery
Tuesday Volunteer care work with Meerkats Lessons Talent show prep/It’s a knockout
Wednesday Half day excursion to  Warwick Castle Lessons Treasure hunt
Thursday Tour of vet surgery Lessons Multisports/Swim
Friday Handling session Lessons Talent Show
Saturday Full Day excursion to London OSCARS awards & leaving party
Sunday Departures

Note: no compensation will be made for the activities lost due to arrivals/ departures

*there may be limited flexibility for closed groups

**20 lessons/ 15 hours a week of tuition

***£40 for non standard excursions

must bring own towels

£50/ €50 damage deposit required