OSCARS International Juniors

At an Oscars’ Camp, we believe young people should be given every opportunity to enrich their lives through a challenging and explorative curriculum. Here, friendships are born, talents are nurtured and students are given the freedom and space to express the great ideas that dwell within us all.
At Oscars International, we aim to create a unique Summer Camp Experience, which will stay with our students for life; shaping their future and confidence, and motivating  them to reach for more.


Oscars International Juniors presents you with selection of locations within UK, Ireland and Cyprus. Our summer and off-season campus locations allow students to experience prestigious boarding schools and universities, beautiful countryside, unique landmarks and modern cities.


Oscars International Junior Experiences

Every child and teenager is different. Oscars has prepared a choice of themed summer camp programmes to allow students to take part in the adventure they are really keen on. There are options for sports lovers, culture seekers and budding artists. Oscars’ options range from programmes for young adults preparing for university to young learners looking to explore and have fun with the language.

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