Gaming Experience

Gaming Experience

Where: University of Stirling, Central Scotland
Dates: 30 June – 11 August
Ages: 9 – 17 years old

The Oscars International Creative Gaming course is perfect for students who enjoy computer games and want to learn more about game coding and programming. The course will involve game design and development as well as game trials.

Students will visit gaming expo events and various excursions and activities will be organised to ensure that students benefit from a complete experience during their stay at University of Stirling.

The campus is often cited as among the most beautiful ones in the UK, surrounded by the Scottish Highlands and located just 1 hour to Edinburgh city centre. Facilities include modern classrooms, indoor activity spaces, parks, sports fields, dining hall, cafes , shops and social area for the students.

The campus

University of Stirling, Central Scotland

Accommodation: Residential Single En suite or Standard rooms in University Halls of Residence. 24 hour supervision.

Facilities: Wifi, Cafeteria/canteen, sports pitches, theatre hall, dining hall, computer room, golf, historic building

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