Adela – 13 years old – Slovakia

“My experience in Cyprus was wonderful. The weather was really nice, but sometimes was too hot for me. Swimming in the sea was a great cool off after all day. Food was delicious, and the residence where we were living was very cool and modern. I made new friends too, because people there are friendly and nice. The staff was so amazing and understanding. When you had a problem or something was wrong, you always could tell them about it. Teachers as well. School, where we were was superb. Classrooms were modern, organised and air-conditioned. I learnt so much in both, sojourn and school. If you want to come to this beautiful place, do it for sure. I would recommend it to everyone, who love English, good times, making friends and Cyprus. Thank you for the best two weeks of my life!”


Camilla – 15 years old – Italy

“The best thing about being a part of Oscars Summer Camp is the opportunity to make friends. I met a lot of students from other countries like Russia or Portugal. The English lessons are really good too and of course, the cultural trips- we’ve gone to see Glendalough and Cliffs of Moher”


Daria – 16 years old – Russia

“The teachers at Oscars Junior Camps are the best I’ve ever had! They help us with everything at any time. I like the way we communicate in lessons, we can speak about anything and practice English. This is the best journey of my life!”


Davide – 16 years – Italy

“The teachers at Oscars make you feel very special. They are all very interesting people”


Rossana- 17 years old – Italy

“The most beautiful thing about this summer camp is that I can meet people from all over the world. I can also participate in many interesting activities and see the centre of beautiful city of Dublin. This is my first time in Ireland and I am enjoying it a lot!”


Marija – 14 years old – Lithuania

“Oscars summer camp is very good! The place, where we live is wonderful, food is amazing and staff is the best in the world. I really like our trips to many places. I met a lot of amazing people here and I will never forget them. “


Petras – 16 yearso old – Lithuania

“This camp is really wonderful! All the teachers are so friendly and nice. I met new friends here. I also think, that my English skills are better”


Kenny – 13 years old – China

“Our summer camp is very exciting and interesting, I am making new friends here like from Italy. We speak English in classrooms and the lessons are real fun”


Guichard – 13 years old – France

“The best part of our summer camps are our classes! We speak English all the time, I’m really enjoying the camp. “


Vitor – 14 years old – Brazil

“I like meeting new friends at summer camp. The lessons help you improve your English and the teachers are really nice!”


Cecilia- 14 years old – Italy

“The best thing about our camp is that you can learn about other cultures and meet new people. It’s beautiful. We also visit many beautiful places.”


Aleksandra – 14 year old – Russia

I really like Oscars Summer Camp. We work and play a lot in classes, I am really enjoying it!


Elisa – 15 years old – Italy

“The campus is really beautiful. I’m meeting new people here, trying new foods. Me and my friends are having a great time!”


Lorenzo – 17 years old – Italy

“The lessons at our camp are very interesting. The most important thing is that I am improving my English. It’s a fantastic experience”


Jasmine – China –¬†Group Leader at Sibford School

“It’s a great fun to get involved in culturally enriching activities and field trips here. This is a camp filled with fun lessons and activities designed for teens. Thank you for all the excellent teachers, nice coaches and talented chefs! Thank you for all that you’ve done for us!”