Oscars Juniors prides itself on the care that we offer to our clients. We always have staff available to help students, parents & our in-country partners. Oscars Juniors priority is our students safety and well being. For parents, nothing is as important as knowing their child is safe and secure at camp. For this reason, we choose our Oscars Juniors locations and facilities with your child’s safety and security in mind, using our child-protection policy as the main criteria. All activities and excursions for students are carefully designed, individually risk assessed and health & safety checks are carried out regularly and our caring staff are available 24-hours a day to help students and communicate with their parents. Our staff work hard to create a secure and structured environment that will allow students to instantly feel safe and cared for.

All of Oscars Juniors’ staff have to undertake a strict selection procedure and all attend comprehensive orientation and training days to cover topics such as security, fire drills, centre health and safety, risk assessment and operational arrangements. Staff are chosen for their experience, professionalism, friendliness, enthusiasm, and suitability for the role they are being employed to undertake.

Food is of real importance to everyone and we take pride in our menus which consist of both local and international cuisine – there is always a good choice of hot meals, a vegetarian option, a salad bar and plenty of fruit.


  • Oscars Juniors staff/student ratio on average = 1:8
  • Male and female students sleep mostly in separate accommodation units. If this is not possible they are located in separate areas within each accommodation house.
  • Each centre offers supervised email access so students can keep in contact with family
  • Oscars Juniors has a blog which is updated daily that you can access through our home page allowing parents to keep track on what is happening in each centre.
  • Each centre has a 24 hour emergency centre phone – allowing parents to contact a member of the centre management team at any time.
  • Each student is issued with an ID card with an emergency phone number printed on to it on arrival.
  • Each centre operates a student bank and safe for money and tickets to be deposited in so that they are kept safe and sound.
  • All centres have first-aiders on site, and links with local doctors, dentists and hospitals.
  • Great choice of diverse menus consisting of local and international cuisine.
  • All specialist diets can be catered for as long as Oscars Juniors is notified at the time of booking.
  • All students and parents are provided with the student manual before attendance.
  • This manual gives important practical information to students and parents before arrival.
  • On arrival, all students attend their own orientation and centre introduction briefing with the Centre Manager.
  • Full meet and greet service on arrival, escorted transfer to centre, and departure assistance through to airport security. Caring counsellors and mentors come alongside campers, helping them through their experiences.